Tourist for the Day…Birth-Day that is..

So… my birthday was a few weeks ago… Being in Las Vegas there are so many things to do for birthdays whether your 5 or 105.  For me I like to go do some shopping before my birthday and this year we went to City Center and the Aria.  This place is huge and awesome so be prepared to walk but there is a tram to take you around as well. While there we walked through some awesome scenery with larger than life butterflies, but they change this often just like the Bellagio changes their displays.  They have awesome art work and statues here is one of the Kirin he resides at one of the entrances.


However, we were more interested in the shopping so we spent most of our time walking around in the shops.  Most of these shops are on the high-end so don’t go in there thinking it’s like your local mall or outlet (we have those too but this one is on the Strip).  It is a super cool place to get out of the heat, have lunch and do some shopping if you so desire and then when evening comes you can hit the casinos. Surrounding the shopping is The Mandarin Oriental, and the Aria which we visited but this is on the Strip so you can go anywhere from here.  It is a cool place to spend the day whether you are a local or a visitor so check these places out and here is a little video to see some behind the scenes and beginnings of City Center.

Here are a few of my pics…Oh that awesome tree is made out of brass and right behind it is Dior… perfect spot 🙂


So get out there and shop! Bye, Buy Bye 😉

Healthy or Happy or Both at Skinny Fats…

After all the partying you might do in Las Vegas down on the Strip there is a pretty cool place to eat off the Strip.  This place is called SkinnyFATS “Live Healthy, Live Happy.” Now I know what you’re thinking “healthy and happy” what is that all about….They have everything on their menu from All Day Breakfast to Soups to Burgers.  (I’ve had the burgers are they are pretty awesome.)    Here is the low down about healthy side/happy side well it’s all good and here is an example.  Healthy side is a Cranburkey which is a turkey patty, arugula, tomato, cranberry yo, and a wheat bun.  Happy side is beef patty, cheddar, lettuce, onion, pickles, skinnyFATS sauce and a brioche bun.  Both sides are tasty and I know you will find something you like.

(Side note if you want to check out some video of SkinnyFATS go to the link below….)

Haylie Duff  visited SkinnyFATS for her show Haylies America.  So… next time you are in Las Vegas check out one of the four SkinnyFATS in town.  I know you will have no regrets while being both healthy and happy!

Until next time… Bye Bye Bye

Come on Drive-In…

Some may not know this but Las Vegas has one of the last Drive-In Movie Theaters in the U.S.  That’s right we don’t implode everything to build something new.  Here in Las Vegas we have the West Wind Las Vegas Drive-In  which is the last one in Las Vegas.    Las Vegas had at least three drive-ins that I can remember but with everything in this town moving forward, two were closed to make room for progress.  The West Wind has first run movies and also has double features and during the Summer time you can always catch a late movie.    A family can still enjoy some fun at the drive-in with family nights, special events  and you can even join their mailing list to get coupons and stay up-to-date with all the latest activities there.  So for some fun off the strip with family or for date night go to the West Wind Las Vegas Drive-In and have a good time!  See Ya soon! BBB

We’ve (not quite) come to the end of the road..just my class not the blog..

I am required to give a wrap up post for my class that is ending…. Again this blog will not, I repeat WILL NOT END.  This social media class opened up my eyes to so many ways of branding yourself and what is important to your brand.  Out of everything we have gone over and the social media to use, the ones I will be using regularly are my blog, my podcast and Instagram.

This has been one of my favorite classes, not overwhelming, informational, fun and enjoyable.  Trust me there are not that many college courses you can honestly say that about.  Even though this is the ending of this class, which has given me insight to some things I didn’t know I enjoyed so much, my blog will not end.  My Vegas Valley Views will continue on and hopefully grow and grow and grow……

I will continue to also update and utilize my LinkedIn profile, as well as the other sites, because graduation is just around the corner but I will be going on with my Masters and eventually my PhD.

So, be sure to stay right here because there is always something new in My Vegas Valley Views! Until next time …. Bye Bye Bye!

Hot, Sweaty….. oh yeah and Music too

This past weekend (which by the way it seems it is always the hottest weekend when EDC is here)  was EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival).  This music festival goes on from Friday to Sunday but really people aren’t leaving the venue until early morning the Monday after and is held out at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  (The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is a venue I will go over in a future blog so stay tuned.)  EDC is an EXPERIENCE, there is music (obvi) but there are also carnival rides, fashion, light shows and (one which I didn’t know but I guess it is Las Vegas so hey why not) weddings.  Yes it is true you can even get married at EDC.

Some of the headliners at this years EDC were AfroJack, Hardwell, Martin Garrix and GTA just to name a few.  The complete list of artists you can find here.  The list includes all the stages and times that they performed, you can also download the app at this link to keep up on all things EDC.  The app will also give you updates for next years event in case you didn’t make it this time.  This is a major music event that happens every Summer here in Las Vegas but I must warn you stay hydrated if you come here for EDC or anything in Las Vegas during the Summer months.  This was just a very brief overview of the EDC,for those of you that have experienced EDC you know there is so much more but I am limited on time and words so again check out the links I have provided because “All Are Welcome” at EDC.

Side note****

Currently we are having a heatwave and just because it is a “dry heat” that doesn’t mean 117* is easy to deal with.  So, remember WATER,WATER, WATER.  Bye Bye Bye!!

We Take Our Gardens in During the Day.. and Night

I did a little morning tour of the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.  The Bellagio Hotel/Casino changes this garden theme with the seasons.  It is free to go into the Conservatory/Garden area and it is one of the prettiest places to visit on the Strip (that is non-gaming related).  These pics are from the current running theme which is Japanese Spring, however they are changing it over this weekend to the Summer theme (pics to come once it is changed).  The flowers are beautiful and the decorations are giant-sized for dramatic effect.  There is usually a water feature included in the setting  and something always floating from the ceiling, Bellagio never disappoints when it comes to the Botanical Gardens.  You can even check out their dates for the changes and watch their live cam on their website which I will include.  Side note if you do stop in and see the Gardens be sure to continue down the hallway which will take you to the Chocolate Fountain! Yes it is a real Chocolate Fountain with Dark, Milk and White Chocolate flowing!! It is pretty awesome!


Keeping Friends Close and Contacts Closer…

This week I did some restructuring of some social media sites including LinkedIn. Sometimes a social media site can be all over the place in content but you must learn to tidy things up a bit to be taken seriously in your professional goals.  Now, being in Las Vegas and it being seen as a party town one might think that professionalism goes out the window (or off the craps table, as it were) but quite the opposite.  I feel that I must be seen as professional along with fun and informative to get what I want to get out there, out there.  With that being said I cleaned up my act (socially) and decided to follow some fellow professional, fun seeking groups.

Some that I chose to follow and connect with are Luxury Travel Blogger Network, Disney Travel Specialists, Bloggers Helping Bloggers, Holly Durkin and Rhonda Sherman.  These groups and people are “Linked” in a way to the same interests that I have and I can only learn from these groups and people.

Now onto the next Vegas pic I know you have been waiting for!!!

Blog 3… It’s Not About Me…


Like the vlogger in the video,  I chose YouTube as my media choice to post videos.  I have used it before and find it pretty easy to use when uploading and posting content.

I really like this video blogger, Disney Pins Blog, and subscribe to this channel on YouTube.  I like this vlog because while you learn about this vlogger it is not all about him.  He shows you what you can see if you go to the places he is at, foods around, shopping and of course views.   I too like to post a video with a good song playing in the background and this gives me great ideas for my own branding.

Until next time … Bye Bye Bye

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